We specialize in blue water fishing and we catch: Sailfish, Dolphin / MAHI-MAHI, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Cobia, Sharks and more.

Stuart Florida is the Sailfish Capital of the World and we catch & release Sailfish year-round. December, January and February is considered prime time for catching Sailfish off the coast of Stuart and multiple hook-ups are abundant this time of year. Sailfish are catch & release only aboard the REEL BUSY and we specialize in both live bait and dead bait trolling for Sailfish.

Dolphin, MAHI-MAHI and Dorado are one in the same and we catch them year-round on our Stuart Florida Fishing Charters. Dolphin are the fastest growing fish in the ocean and prime time is during the spring and summer months. We catch Dolphin every month of the year and most of the Big Bull Dolphin during April, May and June. Dolphin is an excellent eating fish and we always filet & bag your catch for you.

Wahoo is the fastest fish in the ocean attacking the spread at speeds of up to 60 mph. We catch most of our Wahoo during the spring and summer months but we catch them year-round off the coast of Stuart Florida. The Wahoo fishing is fantastic off the Bahamas Bank during the winter months and December is an excellent month for a 3 day Bahamas Wahoo Fishing Charter.

Tuna fishing is excellent off the coast of Stuart Florida during the spring and summer months. We catch Blackfin Tuna and Skip-Jack Tuna 8 to 12 miles off the beach on a standard fishing charter and Yellowfin Tuna on our Yellowfin Tuna Trip 65 to 75 miles out. Most of the Blackfin Tuna are 5 to 10 pounds while most of the Yellowfin Tuna vary from 40 to 60 pounds. We catch a few Tunas year-round but prime time runs from April through July.

Kingfish, Cobia, Bonita, Sharks and Barracuda are scattered about on the various reefs & wrecks and we catch them year-round.

Blue Marlin and Swordfish aren’t as abundant as Sailfish or Dolphin off the coast of Stuart but we catch a few every year aboard the Reel Busy. The larger the prize the more patience required but when you’re ready to catch them we know where to find them.

Here’s a few photos of what we catch:

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