Sailfish & Tuna


Welcome to our Stuart Florida fishing Report. The summer sailfish bite continues to be good to excellent on most days and the Blackfin Tuna are stacked on the ridge 10 miles offshore. The dolphin fishing continues to be hit and miss but we’re catching a few gaffers up to 18 pounds and it’s picking up a bit. Kingfish and bonito are providing plenty of action in-between the sailfish bites on the reef line just 5 or 6 miles offshore.

The Blackfin tuna on the hill are 5 to 10 pound footballs and they’re aggressively feeding right now. We caught 21 blackfins in about 2 hours yesterday and although they’re not as big as the tunas we catch on the Bahamas side they still look great on a plate.

It’s well know around the world that Stuart Florida has an awesome sailfish bite during the winter months but the summer sailfish bite is second to none. We’re getting 3 to 5 hook-ups on most of our sailfish charters and catching 2 or 3.

The dolphin fishing’s been hit & miss both near shore and offshore but running and gunning the deeper waters of the gulfstream is my favorite this time of year. We don’t always find them out there but when we do it’s game on.

There’s been allot of action around the six mile reef. Sailfish, kingfish, bonito, dolphin, cobia, amberjack, sharks and snappers. Give us a call and let’s catch some fish. Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609reel6