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Fall Fishing Catching Sailfish and Dolphin

Hello Fish Fans. We spent the last couple of months rebuilding our Caterpillars and prepping for the 2019 fishing season so it was great to get back on the water.  The temperatures are cooling off as fall is moving in and the sailfish and dolphin have started migrating into the waters off the coast of Stuart Florida.

The dolphin or mahi mahi fishing is good to excellent right now and will be throughout the fall. Dolphin of 7 to 10 pounds have been abundant and there’s 15 to 20 pound dolphin  in the mix. It’s a great time of year to get hooked up with a Stuart Florida Fishing Charter and the REEL BUSY is second to none.

The sailfish have also started migrating south for the winter and they’re starting to show up off the coast of Stuart Florida. We’re not catching double digits yet but there’s nothing wrong with a couple of sailfish and a handful of dolphin for dinner.

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Stuart Florida Sailfish Season


Stuart Florida is the ” Sailfish Capital of the world ” and now’s the time to get hooked up with REEL BUSY CHARTERS. Sailfish is the main attraction off the coast of Stuart Florida this time of year but we’re also catching dolphin/mahi mahi, tuna, kingfish, wahoo, bonito, barracuda and sharks. The bottom bites been small snappers, sea bass and triggers with no grouper bites.

December is the start of sailfish season and the beginning of the winter sailfish migration. Packs of sailfish are starting to push through so we’re getting 3 to 5 sailfish bites on most of our Stuart Florida Sailfish Charters. During the next 3 months double digit sailfish releases are always a possibility and we’ll catch at least 2 or 3 on most of our sailfish charters.

The dolphin fish or mahi mahi are also pushing through. We’re catching a few on most days and most of them have been gaffers of 8 to 12 pounds. On most days we’ll catch a few dolphin and dance a few sailfish so give us a call and let’s get busy catching fish.

Kingfish , bonito and barracuda have been active around the reefs and wrecks and we should start seeing a few cobia this month as well. Sport fish or bottom fish, we’ll hook you up with a great day on the water catching fish. Call or text Capt. Wayne, 772-341-6609 Reel Busy Charters



Catching Sailfish and Dolphin


Welcome to REEL BUSY CHARTERS and to our Stuart Florida Fishing Report. Sailfish and Dolphin are the main attraction during the fall and winter months but we’re also catching Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Bonito and Barracuda.

We’ve been catching dolphin and sailfish on most of our Stuart Florida Fishing Charters but this weekend they took turns. One day we caught 14 dolphin and only had one sailfish in the spread all day. The next morning 1/2 day we caught and released 3 sailfish and never had a dolphin bite.

Sailfish and dolphin are pushing through in packs so multiple hook-ups are abundant this time of year. Some days we’ll catch more dolphin, some days more sailfish but most days we’ll catch both.

There’s been a few wahoo around and we’ve been catching a few blackfin tuna of 20/25 pounds. GET HOOKED-UP aboard the REEL BUSY,  Call….. Capt. Wayne  772-341-6609

We look forward to taking you fishing, Capt. Wayne

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Sailfish & Tuna


Welcome to our Stuart Florida fishing Report. The summer sailfish bite continues to be good to excellent on most days and the Blackfin Tuna are stacked on the ridge 10 miles offshore. The dolphin fishing continues to be hit and miss but we’re catching a few gaffers up to 18 pounds and it’s picking up a bit. Kingfish and bonito are providing plenty of action in-between the sailfish bites on the reef line just 5 or 6 miles offshore.

The Blackfin tuna on the hill are 5 to 10 pound footballs and they’re aggressively feeding right now. We caught 21 blackfins in about 2 hours yesterday and although they’re not as big as the tunas we catch on the Bahamas side they still look great on a plate.

It’s well know around the world that Stuart Florida has an awesome sailfish bite during the winter months but the summer sailfish bite is second to none. We’re getting 3 to 5 hook-ups on most of our sailfish charters and catching 2 or 3.

The dolphin fishing’s been hit & miss both near shore and offshore but running and gunning the deeper waters of the gulfstream is my favorite this time of year. We don’t always find them out there but when we do it’s game on.

There’s been allot of action around the six mile reef. Sailfish, kingfish, bonito, dolphin, cobia, amberjack, sharks and snappers. Give us a call and let’s catch some fish. Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609reel6

Stuart Florida Fishing / Bahamas Fishing Charters


Welcome to Reel Busy Charters and our Stuart Florida Fishing Report. There’s been allot of media hype concerning the dumping of Lake Okeechobee into the St. Lucie River but the offshore waters are still blue and the Reel Busy is still catching fish.

Sailfish, dolphin and tuna are providing most of the action off the coast of Stuart this time of year with a mix of kingfish, bonito and cobia. On the Bahamas side we’re catching tunas, marlin, dolphin, groupers and snappers.

The sailfish bite off the coast of Stuart is excellent this time of year. We’re getting 4 or 5 sailfish bites and catching 2 or 3 on most of our Sailfish Charters.

We haven’t been catching as many big dolphin as we did in the spring but there’s more packs of schooling dolphin pushing through. Big dolphin and blue marlin will pop up on packs of schooling dolphin this time of year and it’s game on.

The blackfin tuna never stacked up off the coast of Stuart this year but the ones we’ve been catching are all big blackfins of 15 to 25 pounds. Blackfin tuna and skip-jack tuna are abundant on the Bahamas side. We haven’t been catching as many yellowfin tuna as we usually do on our Bahamas fishing charters but we’re catching a few mixed in with the blackfins.

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Big Dolphin Bite


The dolphin / mahi mahi fishing’s been red hot for the last week off the coast of Stuart Florida. Ten to twenty pound dolphin are abundant right now and we’ve been catching a dozen or more on all of our Full Day Stuart Florida Fishing Charters.

We’re catching a few 5 to 8 pound dolphin but most of them are 12 to 18 pounds with a few 20 to 30 pound dolphin in the mix. Now’s the time to give us a call and get hooked up with a great day on the water catching dolphin/ mahi mahi.

There’s been a few more sailfish passing through and we’ve caught at least one sailfish 3 out of the last 4 days. The sailfish bite will turn on and off as they pass through but they’re always a nice bonus to a fish box full of dolphin.

We’re catching 5 to 10 pound blackfin tuna on a ridge about ten miles offshore but the dolphin fishing’s been so good we haven’t spent much time that far offshore on our Stuart Florida Fishing Charters.

Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin and Big Dolphin are roaming the waters off the Bahama Bank this time of year. Now’s the time to get hooked up with Capt. Wayne and the Reel Busy to customize your Bahamas Fishing Adventure catching Yellowfins, blue marlin, big dolphin, wahoo, groupers and snappers.

Stuart Florida or the Bahamas we’ll hook you up with a great time on the water catching fish. Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609

floorful of dolphin4 guys big dolphin 2

The Dolphin Bite is On


Now’s the time to do some Stuart Florida Fishing. The dolphin bite is on and we’re catching dolphin of 15 to 25 pounds on almost every fishing charter. We’re starting to see a few schooling dolphin but most of the dolphin we’re catching right now are 7 to 12 pounds. Our largest dolphin so far this year is 30 pounds and we usually catch one or two in the 40 to 50 pound class this time of year.

The blackfin tuna bite is usually red hot by now but it’s been just a pick on the hill so far. We’re catching a few but we’re still waiting for them to stack up. We marked a pack last week so maybe when the conditions settle down the tuna bite will turn on.

The sailfish bite is hit & miss as it usually is this time of year. We’ve been catching a few on the current edges but we’re catching allot more dolphin than sailfish.

We approaching the top three months of the year for our Yellowfin Tuna Trips and our Bahamas Fishing Adventures. Call Capt Wayne 772-341-6609 and customize your Bahamas Fishing Adventure today. Our Bahamas menu includes, trolling for yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, dolphin, wahoo, and blue marlin, Deep dropping for yellow eye snapper, queen snapper and grouper. On the hook catching yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper and grouper.

Stuart Florida to the Bahamas, Reel Busy Charters will hook you up with a great day on the water catching fish. Thanks for considering Reel Busy Charters and we look forward to fishing with you. Capt. Wayne Brodeur, 772-341-6609 Reel Busy Charters IMGP0046

Dolphin, Tuna and Wahoo


Welcome to Reel Busy Charters and our Stuart Florida Fishing Report. The last ten days we’ve had the good , the bad and the ugly. Some days the catching was good, some days the fishing was good but not so much catching going on and some days the sea conditions were just to ugly to fish.  The good news is April is here and so are the dolphin, tuna and wahoo.

After a dismal weekend of dolphin fishing the bite turned on this week and the dolphin are pushing through. The conditions were a bit too sporty for some of our customers this week so we came home early but not without a good catch of dolphin. Most of the dolphin are 7 to 10 pound gaffers and we’re catching at least one or two 15 to 20 pound dolphin per charter.

The Tuna fishing is off to a slow start but the blackfin tuna are starting to show up on the hill about 10 miles offshore. On most days we’ve been spending about an hour or so on the hill catching 5 or 6 tunas but when they stack up we’ll be catching a dozen or more. Most of the blackfins are 5 to 10 pounds with the larger blackfin tunas going 15 to 20 pounds.

April is an excellent month for Wahoo fishing off the coast of Stuart and Jupiter Florida. There’ll be a scattering of wahoo bites during the month of April with a flurry the week before and after the full moon of April 22nd. Most of the wahoo we catch are 15 to 35 pounds but we’ve caught 60 pound wahoo off the coast of Stuart, 80 pounds off the Bahama Bank.

The Reel Busy is a full time Stuart Florida Charter Boat fishing the waters off the coast of Stuart Fl. and the Bahamas. We specialize in dolphin, tuna, wahoo, sailfish and blue marlin. Experience makes a difference. We look forward to hooking you up with a great day on the water catching fish. Call  Captain Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 Reel Busy ChartersIMG_5309 IMG_5295 image2 IMG_5326


Springtime Fishing Stuart Florida


Welcome to Reel Busy Charters and our Stuart Florida Fishing Report. Spring is moving in and so are the dolphin/mahi mahi and blackfin tuna. We’re still catching a few sailfish but dolphin and tuna are providing most of the action offshore. Amberjack and cobia are showing up on the reefs and wrecks and there’s no shortage of sharks for those who like a tug of war.

Stuart Florida Dolphin Fishing is excellent during the springtime with dolphin/mahi mahi ranging in size from 5 to 35 pounds. Bull Dolphin from 40 to 60 pounds are caught every year in the gulfstream waters between Jupiter Florida and Stuart Florida, several by the captain and crew aboard the Reel Busy.

The blackfin tuna move onto a ridge 10miles off the coast of Stuart  this time of year and usually stick around throughout the summer months. Most of the blackfin tuna are 5 to 10 pounds with a few 15 to 20 blackfins this time of year. They’re not stacked up yet but we’re catching a few and they’re 8 to 12 pounds.

There’s a few sailfish around but they’ve been scattered about so we get a couple sailfish bites one trip and never see one the next. There’ll be days during the spring with a good sailfish bite as the current edges and weed lines come together but it’s been hit and miss as of late.

On a springtime fishing charters we fish for dolphin, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, blue marlin, kingfish, cobia and shark. Thanks for considering Reel Busy Charters and we hope to take you fishing soon. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur  772-341-6609 20160312_081115


Stuart Florida Sailfish Season


The sailfish season is off to a late start again this year but with 3 weeks of cold fronts pushing through it’s bound to light up reel soon. We’ve been catching and/or missing a few on most of our Stuart Florida Fishing Charters but nothing red hot yet. There’s another cold front pushing through today and tomorrow and I’m hoping to find a red hot sailfish bite and a few dolphin when we get back offshore in a couple days.

The cold fronts this time of year push acres of bait into the waters off the coast of Stuart followed by the predators we’re looking for; sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, wahoo, tuna and cobia. The shallower reefs, wrecks and edges will be holding sailfish, kingfish and cobia while the deeper reefs and current edges will be holding sailfish, dolphin, wahoo and tuna.

The fishing in January was hit & miss this year due to the lack of cold fronts but they’re pushing through now and Stuart Florida’s the place to be this February. We’ll be catching sailfish, dolphin and cobia with a few kingfish, wahoo and tuna in the mix.

Thanks for considering Reel Busy Charters and we plan to hook you up with a reel busy day catching fish. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 Reel Busy Charters IMG_0487